5 Easy Ways That You Need To Do To Help Promote Your Business Online?

CandidShots4u is now releasing our 5 amazing tips on how to grow your business the right way! It sounds really simple, but you might not be doing it right. Below you find what we did and why this is written.

Use these 5 Area’s First:

1. Pinteresthttp://pinterest.com/candidshots4u/

2. WordPresshttps://candidshots4u.wordpress.com/

3. Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/CandidShots4u

4. Twitterhttps://twitter.com/candidshots4u

5. YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/user/CandidShots4U

After you sign up with these 5 area’s go back and make sure all content is identical with each other. Why do you want them all looking the same? Very simple it shows you are sending a consistent message to all your customers. You don’t know what platform your clients are going to use and you want to make sure the same message reaches your clients. 

Making the most of these platforms:

1. Pinterest = I recently signed up for Pinterest, as you will see very low pins so far. Pinterest is what 97% of women (aka “the real decision makers”) use to show others about deals and products. If you are a married man you know you don’t make final decisions without the go ahead from your wife, because if you make an executive decision about anything your life will be hell for weeks to follow. LOL. Use this quickly and ask every women how they use Pinterest.

2. WordPress = If you don’t have a blog for your business you need one! I use WordPress you can use anything you want. I thought I did not need a Blog for the longest time but I was wrong. A blog is a second website to your website. Every search engine uses what you blog and sees it as a new page on the net. So Google, Yahoo & the Bing all will bot your blog as a new page and use it for searches. Don’t listen to others about not needing to blog you need to blog it keeps you relevant on the internet. Especially when they change the rules all the time. 

3. Facebook = Do I really need to tell you if you don’t have a Fan Page for your business on Facebook you are not serious about your business. Facebook is the most popular website and social media engine. Damn my grandma has a Facebook page. You need to have current content on Facebook to stay relevant on the internet, but make sure your other area’s post to your fan page that way you don’t need to keep posting in different areas all the time.

4. Twitter = I am not a big fan of Twitter as it does not help you with your business, but Twitter links do show up in search engines. So my advice is always set one up and have your main area’s link to it.

5. YouTube = If you don’t know by now Google owns YouTube so it ranks very high in Google Searches. If you don’t have a Channel for your business you need one and you need content. We are getting closer to the video only age. Photos are nice but people like reality TV and they love videos. Get promo videos, get views and make sure you promote the hell out of it. This is the cheapest way to get searches on the internet until Google weighs YouTube Paid for ads ONLY! 


After you have all your content on each area and you have linked all of these together. You need to use your blog and make sure you link highlighted words to your website & other area’s. This might have been a stupid blog, but I know some people out there still don’t get that if you concentrate on these area’s and master them. You will waste your time trying different things that very little people use. Also get yourself other pages like Linkden, Yelp, Google+, Yellow Pages Etc…but make sure you set it up with the consistent content and set it and forget it!

Well hope this helps and add some more simple tips below 


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