Questions to ask when renting a Photo Booth

We figured we would help all brides & clients with a few questions you should be asking when renting a photo booth.

Q1 = How many people can fit in your booth at one time? Also don’t be afraid to back that up with asking for photos to prove it.

Q2 = Do you give each guest a photo? This is important as you don’t need to have guests fighting over who gets the photo. FYI they all want one!

Q3 = How many props do you bring to a event? Very important that they do not bring a selected amount to an event. You want each guest to be happy with the photo taken. So let them have there fun it is a photo booth you know!

Q4 = What does there basic package include? If they say setup and breakdown walk away quickly. Do you really need to be told that setup and breakdown is included. I would ask what if I don’t want to pay for setup and breakdown how much extra is that off the price?

Q5 = What is the expectations of the attendants? Just went to a Sweet 16 where they stood on the phone for 4 hours. Why are you paying them to play with there phone?

Tips when renting a photo booth:

Ensure your basic package comes with The Booth, Prints, Props, and A Disc Of The Photos. If there basic package don’t come with at least this WALK AWAY!!! Plenty of Photo Booth Company’s that are better than this!

Like I mentioned above run don’t walk from any company that says setup and breakdown is included. Like they are giving you a break on something that has to be done or my favorite we will take photos! C’mon really? If they need to tell you the obvious things you need to tell them thanks but no thanks.

Also make sure the photo booth can get in and out of the hall. This is not something you should have to worry about the day of your event. I just read that a bride was worried about her photo booth not fitting in the elevator. Are you kidding me? The bride needs to worry about other things not a Photo Booth. This is suppose to be an object of fun, not a headache. If your booth needs an elevator to begin with, it might not be worth it to book it. FYI most halls do not have an elevator for the staff or vendors and some venues will not let them use the guest elevator. So if it don’t fit or they don’t have one your screwed? NO NO NO!!!

Tricks of the trade:

Ask about those props. Now if you wanna pay extra for special themes I agree to that, but FYI if they are charging you for things they own already, why not just bring them for the guests to have a good time. A Photo Booth is suppose to be fun. Remind your company that.

Also if your booth is hot pink and the room is dark it will look like a carnival ride. The Photo Booth should not stick out it should blend in the background the photos taken should be the highlight as well as the host or hostess of the event. Not everyone looking over at the big WHITE or PINK Elephant in the corner of the room. The service should be what is important not the color of the booth.


Yes of course I have you ask all these things because our CandidShots4u Photo Booth has everything everybody needs, wants and has asked for in every one of our packages, but I hate to see others go clueless when picking out there booth too.

When picking out a photo booth just make sure they want your guests to have a good time. You will know that just by talking to them.


Richie B. of CandidShots4u

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