Watch for SEO company scams & how to choose the right one!


As there is many different scams for SEO companies these days and plenty of companies advertise that they can get you first page on Google. The question you need to ask yourself is “If every SEO company got every company they had to the first page of Google then everybody would be on the first page of google!!! right? 

You need to ask your SEO company what their business plan is to get you to the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing. What is there plan? If they mention statistics or they say well we are #1 in something hangup and get on the phone with a company that can give you specifics. 

Here is my opinion when choosing the right SEO company. If the company you are dealing with cannot give you in writing exactly what they are going to do in a detailed timeline then you need to hang up on them. No real business can survive without a business plan and SEO company’s are no different.

Google is always changing the rules so NO SEO company can get a upperhand, but if your SEO company can give you a plan on what they are going to do, and when they are going to do it. Then when Google changes the rules they call you to adjust your plan. Then you picked a good SEO company. If they promise you not to worry when more than half of the SEO company’s are freaking out about rule changes then you have a problem. 

Just make sure your SEO company is always communicating with you and is showing you that your money is being spent wisely. Also make sure you are in control at all times and you make all final decisions. The mark of a good manager is not just knowing the business you are managing, but ensuring 100% productivity of the money being spent. 

Well I hope you write a few good stories of great SEO company achievements and what made your experience great. I hope to hear more.

OH FYI the key to a successful SEO is pageviews. No matter what pageviews still trumps any changes Google, Yahoo, or Bing make. If people are visiting your website then who cares about being on first page or last page as long as people are reading the content you are putting out YOU WIN!


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