Having Trouble Making Decisions For Your Wedding?

I am always contacted by couples for professional opinions on what is best to do for there weddings. This is something every bride & groom comes across throughout the planning of a wedding. Starting with.. What date and day should we have the wedding? What venue do we have it at? What vendors do we get? What time should we have the wedding? Who is going to be in the bridal party? Etc….. 1000 questions like this!

My professional answer has always been the same and it is so simple most people do not think about it. Sit with your partner close your eyes and vision your perfect wedding. What do you see, who is there, what is going on. try and look at the details. What have you seen at other peoples wedding’s that you were like “I want that if I ever get married!”

Once you have visioned your perfect wedding then the answers become so much easier. Nobody wants to look back at there wedding 25 years later and say I should have done this instead of that. Nobody can argue with the answer “I always visioned my perfect wedding to look like this and that’s what I am going to do”. Everyone wants you to be happy even if someone else is picking up the tab. 

Now sometimes your partner is going to say I don’t care do whatever you want (usually the groom). Instead of arguing or saying OK you said do whatever! Just ask them hey is there anything you really do not want at the wedding? It is easier than trying to ask them what they really want because they might not know. Just make sure you don’t have something or book something, they really do not want, and usually everything else will fall into place.

Now of course this is not an exact science and everyone is going to ask for other people opinions, but keep in mind once you get that opinion they might expect you to do what they said to do, and if it don’t work out they will always have that I told you so conversation after the fact.

In conclusion the best thing to do is use your Perfect Wedding vision as a guide so that you are not disappointed in the outcome of the final product and never get into arguments with loved ones over these plans. If you stick to your principles and they truly love you, they will stick by every decision you make if they like it or not, because it is not there wedding it is yours. 

I hope this helps all to make some of those difficult decisions allot easier for your Special Day!  



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