2013 CandidShots4u Photo Booth Sandy Promo COMING SOON

So with the recent events in and near our area we will will be offering a $300 off our regular price 4 hour photo booth special for all that lived in and near our area that were effected by #sandy.

Our Current 4 Hour Photo  is $850.00 for 4 hours. However if you live in Hamilton Beach, Howard Beach, Broad Channel, The Rockaway’s, or Breezy Point and you are still having a event in 2013. We will be offering our Photo Booth for $550.00 for 4 hours. We are willing to help those impacted near us with some savings.

We do not forget what happen and we want all of you to know we need to help our community in anyway we can!!! We are a community that helps one another.

We send you and your family best wishes this holiday season!

Contact Us:

http://www.candidshots4u.com or 800-560-3941

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