CandidShots4u Photo Booth Gets Huge NYC BUZZ

CandidShots4u New York’s #1 Photo Booth Company is about to offer 3 types of unforgettable deals through all 3 major online deal companies. Amazon Locals, Groupon, and Living Social will be featuring CandidShots4u over the next few weeks!!!  Everything is scheduled to run almost simultaneously. Each one with a  different variation of a Photo Booth Rental Package and even one with DJ Services!!!

 If you have not heard of CandidShots4u in the New York Area Yet!!! They soon will be the talk of The Big Apple! CandidShots4u in association with Dynamic Sound Entertainment is going to be offering a Special Photo Booth or DJ Services Package through there original partner Living Social. This is exclusive to Living Social!!! Groupon & Amazon also have Exclusive Deals for a CandidShots4u Photo Booth Rental!

 If you are in need of a Photo Booth Rental CandidShots4u is about to show everyone, why they are New York’s #1 Photo Booth Company!!!

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