Wedding Photo Booth Questions To Choose The Right One

So CandidShots4u decided to write this to help all engaged couples ask very important questions when choosing a Photo Booth Company for your wedding. Since this is not a everyday purchase, we thought we would help you with what you need to ask your photo booth company prior to booking them. Here are 5 questions you MUST ask and 5 Buyer Beware questions. 

Here are the 5 questions you MUST ask and why you need to ask them:

Q1 = Do I get a memory scrapbook with my wedding package?

A1 = You want the memory scrapbook so you have all the photo booth prints at the end of the night so you have a wonderful keepsake from your event. Just very nice to have!

Q2 = Does every guest that enters the photo booth get a print?

A2 = You don’t want to be that person who does not get a photo booth print from a photo you just took. It can upset your guests rather than making it a fun addition to your wedding. 

Q3 = What does your photo booth look like? Can you get into my venue? and can the photo booth fit in my room? 

A3 = You do not want to pay thousands of dollars on a beautifully decorated venue and then the  photo booth is this old metal carnival looking photo booth sitting in the corner of your beautiful catering hall. Make sure your photo booth company calls your venue and works with the staff to make sure the venue can fit the photo booth and it is the photo booth company’s responsibility to ensure they can get in & out of the event prior to a contract being signed.    

Q4 = What is included in each package?

A4 = Know what you are getting! Each package should include at least prints, props, scrapbook, attendants, and a photo disc of all your images taken. Don’t pay extra for any of these.

Q5 = How many guests can your photo booth hold per photo session?

A5 = Let me paint you a picture. Let’s just say you have 4 immediate family members that you are really close with and you want to take a photo in the booth together to have forever. However your photo booth only can hold between 2-3 people. Do you draw straws on who gets left out of that photo? Always make sure the photo booth can hold small to large groups. Everyone loves those family photos and make sure your photo booth can capture them.

Here are the 5 Buyer Beware questions to ask and why:

Q1 = How much is the photo booth? 

A1 = First if a company has a set price for a photo booth you are probably paying more than you should because certain factors need to be taken into consideration like date, time, location and services provided. Why are you paying the same price for a photo booth for a Wedding on a Sunday Night in February, compared to a person who is having a Wedding on a Saturday Night in June. It don’t make sense unless it is a special. If you choose to have your Wedding on off peak times like Sunday Nights to Thursdays because it is a little cheaper then don’t you think your photo booth should be cheaper too?

Q2 = Does your photo booth have metal panels or is made of mostly of metal?

A2 = Let’s set a scenario for you. Your beautiful flower girl is running around the hall, not doing anything wrong, just running around keeping herself amused. She gets drawn near the photo booth and starts running towards it. She then accidentally slams into the side of it. Do you want your Wedding to be remembered for the day she got hurt for simply being a child?

Q3 = I get a disc of all the photos taken right?

A3 = If you pay extra for a company to burn digital photos on a disc that costs them $1 MAX for the disc, they are not even worth talking to. Why have any company hold the memories of your Wedding hostage to an extra charge for something that costs them almost nothing!

Q4 = What should each attendant be doing?

A4 = This gets a little tricky so let me explain. You are paying for those attendants to work the photo booth for YOU and your guests so make sure they are working. Now some company’s might need to just put someone on the job to look over the booth for technical or to simply ensure no one destroys the photo booth. Just make sure they are friendly, interactive and can assist every guest who needs it. Just don’t pay for them to text or sit on a phone all night. Make sure you know what they are suppose to be doing at all times prior to the event. 

Q5 = How many props do you provide?

A5 = This is very important because I have seen company’s advertise a box of props. You are thinking WOW a box of props that is enough. Really a shoe box is a box! Also your guests want a variety to choose from because some guests don’t want to use the same props over and over again throughout the night. Make sure a large variety of props are always provided to ensure the possibilities are endless.

I hope that this helps you ask some important questions when you call to inquire about a photo booth for your wedding. The most important statement I can say to you is “Not all photo booths are the same. They each have there good & bad but just make sure they fit your needs for your wedding”. 

We wish you the best with your wedding and remember everything mentioned above has been addressed and is provided if you choose CandidShots4u for your wedding. 

Please Contact CandidShots4u At:

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CandidShots4u was created to provide every customer with professional services at an affordable price. We only measure our success by achieving your overall happiness.


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