Real-Time Wedding Photo Sharing App Now Available Through CandidShots4u


***A New Exclusive CandidShots4u Service***
Real-Time Photo Sharing At Your Wedding!
For More Information Call Us At 800-560-3941
PhotoOpp Features:
Personalized & Customized for You
  • Personalized with Your Information
  • Activates as Guests Arrive at Your Events
  • Details on Each Event and Venue
  • Live Event Real-Time Slide Show
  • Guests Can Sign Your Guest Book
  • Wedding Party Marquee Listing
  • High Resolution Photos for Print Online
  • Like or Remove Photos in the App
  • Multi-Event Use – Six Events in All
  • Much Much More (Read Frequently Asked Questions Below)
Get Six Events!
PhotoOpp can be used at your Engagement Party,Bridal ShowerBachelorette Party, Rehearsal Dinner,Ceremony and Reception – at no additional charge! It’s like six apps in one
NO Guest Login
Everything is automatic, your guests do not have to create an account – they just open, point, and shoot.
Guest-to-Guest Photo Sharing
Everyone gets everyone’s photos instantly! It’s like everyone’s using the same camera at the same time!
Bride’s Online Album
Photos are automatically uploaded to your online albums. They are organized by your event and time they were taken and stored in their native high resolution.
  • Download entire photo album & print your favorites
  • Have fun with photo filters and editing features
  • Post photos to Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest
  • Email individual photos or entire album to friends and family
  • Guests can view and comment on your photos

PhotoOpp Guest Book 

Your guests can add their own personal well-wishes in your Guest Book.
Ability For Guests To “Like” Photos
Each photo can then be ranked by the number of “Likes” it receives allowing the bride to know what was popular and what wasn’t.
Ability For Guests To “Remove” Photos
But don’t worry… nothing is deleted. “Removed” photos remain online for the bride to have the final say as to what’s good and what’s not.
Souvenir Viewing App
When the celebration is over and your guests leave, PhotoOpp instantly transforms into a sophisticated souvenir viewing app, still customized to you and your event.
CandidShots4u PhotoOpp Features:
PhotoBooth – Guest Photo Sharing
We will participate in the photo sharing fun by posting random photos from our photo booth.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What type of smart phones does PhotoOpp – Bride Edition work on?
PhotoOpp – Bride Edition is available for both iPhone and Android Smart Phones
Where do my guests download the PhotoOpp – Bride Edition App? 
Your guests can download the App FREE from the iPhone App store or Google Play. They can do a simple search for “PhotoOpp” (one word)
How many events can I use PhotoOpp – Bride Edition at?
You can use the App for up to 6 events! Events such as your Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette, Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony and Reception.
Do my guests have to sign in or create an account to use the App?
No. Your guests will enjoy the convenience of simply launching the App. There is no sign-up or login process, the App simply works. All of the App’s functionality will be activated and available to your guests as soon as they walk on the event property.
What if there is no cell or WiFi coverage at my wedding location?
No problem! Your guests can take photos with their phones or digital cameras and upload them directly to your online album through our website. They can even select which event the photos were taken at to make sure all the photos are organized in their correct places for you. This is a great feature for destination weddings too!
How do I let my guests know they can use PhotoOpp – Bride Edition at our event?
We provide print-ready templates you can use to either add in your save-the-date invitations or put on your guest tables at your events. These are provided to you in your Member’s Dashboard. Also CandidShots4u will bring a poster to be placed by the door as your guests arrive.
How many guests can use PhotoOpp – Bride Edition at any one event?
PhotoOpp – Bride Edition will accommodate unlimited guests.
How many photos will any one guest be allowed to take with the App?
There is no limit to the amount of photos a guest can take with the App.
What happens to all the photos taken at the event?
All your guests’ photos are automatically uploaded to your online album where you can:
  • Download your entire album’s high-res photos
  • Print your favorite photos
  • Have fun with our photo filters and photo-enhancing features
  • Post your favorite photos directly to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Email photos to friends and family
  • Allow guests to view your photo album
  • Guests can comment on their favorite photos
I’m concerned about my guests uploading photos to Facebook without me seeing them first. Can they do this during the event?
We have spent many hours discussing the idea of putting in a Direct-to-Facebook upload feature in the App. After much debate we have decided not to. It is our belief that you, the bride, should always maintain control of your events and your photos. That is not to say that a guest can’t upload a photo they take from their phone’s photo library, but we do not encourage them to do so within the App. You should have first crack at uploading your photos to a social network, so not providing that feature in the App gives you a better opportunity to control that.
Do I own the photos taken by my guests at my events ?
You own ALL your photos, we store them for you in your account for up to 10 years. So you have plenty of time to download them to a disc if you’d like or simply login to your account whenever you want to view or manage your photo album
How much is PhotoOpp?
PhotoOpp is normally $99! However since CandidShots4u is an exclusive partner with PhotoOpp the following prices are available for you:
  • If you purchase our Wedding Photo Booth Special For $699.99! The PhotoOpp service will be FREE (call for details)
  • For all our customers that purchased our services through specials or discounts. The PhotoOpp service is available to purchase for $65 (call for details)
  • If you are not using CandidShots4u for your event but still would like to use PhotoOpp (CLICK HERE) & use our $10 off coupon code: CANDIDSHOTS
For More Information Contact Us Directly!
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