CandidShots4u & Living Social OFFER SUPER DEAL

CandidShots4u is being featured once again on Living Social.

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Photo Booth Company

New York’s #1 Photo Booth Company

Photo Booth Company

New York’s #1 Photo Booth Company


CandidShots4u Signs Deal with Online’s Largest Deal Company GROUPON

New York’s #1 photo booth company CandidShots4u just signed a huge deal with online giant Groupon late Tuesday Night. The rumored deal is Groupon will feature the rising photo booth company either late in 2012 or early 2013 with 2 special package deals exclusive only to Groupon

CandidShots4u fresh off a deal with Living Social decided that they were going to continue offering special online deals for 2013 by signing this long term deal with Groupon to showcase there amazing photo booth packages with now 2 unbeatable deals.  

CandidShots4u has just recently launched a “Price Beat Guarantee” to ensure all there customers will have the best priced photo booth at there next event and they have also announced there 5 year vision and mission statements showing customers they are here to stay and making the competition extremely nervous.

The feature date will be available shortly as this will be something everyone wants to know and we will bring it to you as soon as possible.